Junior Golf Lessons & Programs

BEGINNERS – Juniors new to the game. Basics will be covered.  Clubs would be nice but not necessary

INTERMEDIATE – Juniors who have some previous golf experience.  We will advance their skills which will include, the driver, irons, chipping, and putting.  We also will work on course rules and etiquette.

ADVANCED – Juniors will get an hour long lesson with a chance to play holes on the golf course.  We will be working on club selection, accuracy, distance, short game decisions and course management skills

The class will be taught be Bill Powers, former Somerset High School Golf Coach and Mitch Gorres, General Manager and Teaching Pro at Bristol Ridge Golf Course, each junior will receive a Bristol Ridge Junior Golf T shirt.

To register, please click on the registration form tab to the left to download the form, fill it out, and send it to Bristol Ridge Golf Course, PO Box 280, Somerset, WI54025 with an enclosed check.

Questions or more information please call Bill Powers at 715-497-7419 or Mitch Gorres at 715-247-3673